Budget Friendly Rental Real Estate Advancement Proposed for West Don Lands

Official Plan & Zoning by-law Amendment application were submitted to the City earlier this month, and if approved, a set of 45- and 32-storey mixed-use towers atop a 6-storey podium would be constructed in the location called Block 20 in the West Don Lands, municipally known as 125R Mill Street.
The advancement is being pursued by WDL 20 LP, a collaboration between designers Dream Unlimited, Kilmer Group, and Tricon Capital Group.
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Rendering via submission to the City of Toronto
The proposed development would deliver substantial brand-new economical rental real estate and office utilizes on an underutilized parking lot in Downtown Toronto thats currently owned by Infrastructure Ontario.
According to files sent to the City, the development proposition is consisted of a 6-storey base building which contains approximately 24,000 square metres of office work and grade-related retail usages as well as the 2 residential towers above. The proposed development consists of 661 rental systems (including 30% or 198 budget friendly units) in a series of unit sizes from one-to four-bedrooms to satisfy the requirements of a range of home types.
Rendering by means of submission to the City of Toronto
Provided the proposed developments close distance to Torontos historical Distillery District– which houses several secured heritage residential or commercial properties– the structures design would conserve the integrity of the identified cultural heritage worth of the adjacent heritage buildings and fit within the progressing context of the location.
According to the proposal, the project would consist of an east-west walkway along the northern edge of the website that would align with Tank House Lane from the Distillery District west of the site. New landscape aspects would be focused along this brand-new sidewalk, which will function as a Privately-Owned Publicly Accessible Space (POPS).
There would also be new trees planted along the east-west walkway that would connect to the emerging green canopy of the West Don Lands and its broader connection to Corktown Commons.
Rendering by means of submission to the City of Toronto
As for parking, the proposal consists of an underground garage with an overall of 306 parking areas. An additional 38 spaces are also proposed off-site. Bike parking would be supplied on the mezzanine level of the project, with an overall of 784 areas proposed.
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Budget friendly leasings arent always easy to come by in Toronto, but a new pair of Henning Larsen Architects-designed towers may increase in Torontos West Don Lands neighbourhood that would house a mix of both affordable and market units.

As for parking, the proposal includes an underground garage with an overall of 306 parking spaces. An extra 38 spaces are also proposed off-site. Bicycle parking would be offered on the mezzanine level of the project, with a total of 784 spots proposed.

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